(Covid-19) Emergency Account Management


Audian is a locally based business like yours, and therefore we are very much part of the western Washington community.  Our friends, families and loved ones are all here on the front lines of the health crisis along with you and we feel a strong responsibility to do our part to defeat this virus!  In keeping with this belief, we have suspended all non-emergency in person visits and installs through March 31st and will be reevaluating the situation each week. 

As an alternative to meeting in person, we are offering to deliver or ship any equipment to your location, and then be on hand remotely to walk you through the install.  This is quite straightforward for our phone clients and generally just requires taking phones out of the box and plugging them in.  We can also provide a virtual video session for remote training with your teams. 

Furthermore, the Audian phone system was built to handle these types of events and is specifically designed for remote work.  We can provide soft clients that work on your computer or mobile phones that allow you to operate remotely as if you were in the office including transferring, outbound calling using your business numbers, ring groups for inbound calls and more.  We are waiving the yearly commitment on these and are offering the service for free through June 30th to help affected businesses operate remotely.  Again, we are all part of this community, and we want to do everything possible to help our fellow businesses. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for ANY questions relating to teleconferencing, remote working, virtual meetings or of course your phone system at 611@audian.com or at 844.611.6110 Opt 2.

We want to make our customers aware that the Audian Network Status page is available to see, at a quick glance, if there are any known issues on the Audian network. 

Below you will find some helpful links to help you manage your companies business hours, greetings, voicemail message and such. 

 Working Remotely

Audian offers multiple options for working from home or on the go.

Users would be able to take their desk phones home and plug into existing internet sources, additional power supplies may be needed for the phones as some residential equipment does not provide power over Ethernet cables the way that commercial equipment does.

We can add a cellphone device to a users profile so that the cellphone will ring when their desk phone is rang. Alternatively there are softphone clients, such as the Audian UC Softphone, that will allow users to work remotely as if they where in the office (IE Caller ID is the office number, existing call flows remain unchanged, ability to place calls on hold/Park or transfer using existing Extensions)

The Audian UC softphone can be installed on any PC (Windows or Mac OS), Apple or Android device and use the full functionality of our phone system.