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Description: The Voicemail tab will allow you to view all the voicemail currently in your voicemail box while providing the following options.

  • Play voicemail from the browser.
  • Download a voicemail.
  • Mass delete voicemail.
  • Call Backs

Call History:

Description: The Call History tab will allow you to view any call that you have placed or received while providing helpful information about the call if needed.


Description: The Faxes tab will allow you to view or download any faxes that you have received on your personal virtual fax box.

Contact List:

Description: The Contact List tab will allow you to view all of the internal extensions and numbers associated with other users or call flows in your account.


Description: The Devices tab will allow you to view the information of your personal devices and configure your feature keys.

  • Device registration information
  • Device name and MAC address
  • Device Feature key configuration


Description: The settings tab allows users to set a number of advanced settings.

  • Enable/Disable Call Forwarding
  • Enable/Disable Email Notifications and which email address to send them to.
  • Enable/Disable Outbound Caller ID.
  • Enable/Disable Voicemail Greetings


Description: The Conferences tab will allow you to manage your personal Conference Calls.

  • Enable/Disable Conference calls
  • Change/Add PIN #s for using conference calls
  • Manage attendees

Call Recordings:

Description: The Call Recordings section will allow you to listen to and download any existing call recordings for this user.