Yealink T32G


This article contains all the basic features for the Yealink T32G. (This model has been discontinued, please see Yealink T23g for new purchases)

Phone Articles:

 How To Place & Receive Calls

Placing Calls

To dial a number, you may pick up the handset, press the speaker-phone button, or press the headset button if you have a headset, and dial the number or extension you are trying to call. You may also type in the number and press the green “Send” softkey just below the screen, which will automatically dial the number and turn on the speaker phone. An alternative way of dialing is to dial the number first, and then pick up the handset.

To dial a number, you do NOT need to dial a 1, 9 or any other number prior to entering your number. Just dial the 10 digit phone number you wish to call. There is not need to dial a “1” when dialing 800 numbers.

Receiving Calls

To answer a call, Simply hit the “answer” softkey just below the screen, press the speaker-phone button, the headset button, or pick up the handset. You may also press the “ignore” or “reject” soft key to send the caller to voicemail.

 How To Setup Voicemail

Before you can use your voicemail, you will need to set your password and an unavailable message.

  1. To access your voicemail, press the “Message” button with the picture of the envelope on the right hand side of the phone
  2. You will be prompted to enter your password
    1. Your initial password is set to 1234 and you will be asked to change it to something else. 
  3. Follow all of the prompts to set up your greeting.
 How To Check Voicemail

Voicemail Options:

There are a few ways to retrieve voicemail based on how your system was originally set up with. If you are unsure, please contact Audian or your phone administrator.

Our options for voicemail delivery range from Email Notifications, Phone, or Web Portal.

Email Notifications:

To setup email notifications you can call Audian's tech support or login to the Audian portal to set it up.

Check Voicemail On The Phone:

  1. Press the MESSAGE button on the right side of the phone.
  2. Enter your voicemail PIN number.

Web Portal:

 How To Change a Voicemail Greeting
  1. Press the message key and pick up the handset. 
  2. Type in your password.
  3. Press the number 5.
  4. The system will walk you through changing the greeting.
 How To Transfer Calls

Basic Instructions:

  1. Press the soft key labeled Transfer.
  2. Dial the extension or 10 digit phone number.
  3. Press the Dial key.

Warm Transfer:

Warm transfers are transfers where you speak with the person you are trying to transfer a call to before you transfer.

  1. Press the Transfer soft key
  2. Dial the number you wish to transfer
  3. Wait for the person to receive the call.
  4. Press the Transfer soft key when you are ready.

Cold Transfer:

Cold transfers are when you transfer a call without speaking to that person.

  1. Press the Transfer soft key
  2. Dial the number you wish to transfer
  3. Press the Transfer soft key again.
 How To Park a Call
  1. Press the Park key or *3 on the phone while you are on a call. 
    1. This will place the person you were speaking to on a “Global Hold” which can be picked up by any other phone. 
  2. You can then call over to another phone, and advise them “They have a call waiting on Park 1.”
  3. The other user can then press the Park button or *5 to retrieve the call.
 How To Setup Forwarding

You can set up Call Forwarding for all calls, calls that are not answered, or for incoming calls when you are already on the phone.

  1. Press the “Menu” button, navigate to Features
  2. Press the Enter soft key
  3. Press the Enter soft key again
    1. Call forward is already selected in the features menu.
  4. You will be presented with 3 options.
    1. Always Forward
    2. Busy Forward
    3. No Answer Forward
  5. Scroll Up or Down to select the forwarding you want.
  6. You will then need to fill in the following.
    1. Scroll left or right to set the status to enable then scroll down
    2. Set Forward To the number you wish to forward to.
  7. Press the Save soft key on the right to save changes.
  8. To DISABLE the forwarding follow steps 1-6a and set the status to Disabled then press save.
 How To Place a Conference Call
  1. Dial the first party as normal (or be on an existing call)
  2. Press the Conf soft key.
  3. Dial the new extension or 10 digit phone number.
  4. Press the Dial soft key (10 digit numbers will dial normally). 
  5. Once the new party is on the line, press the Conf button to join the calls.
 How To Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb will prevent your phone from ringing on incoming calls. It will send calls to your extension directly to voicemail.

  1. Press the DND soft key button.
    1. You will notice a red circle with a white line in it at the top right of your phones screen.
  2. Press the DND soft key again to disable it.
 Hot To Add Speed Dial Buttons
  1. Press and hold down one of the number buttons. 
  2. A menu will pop up, and you’ll want to select the following:
    1. Type: Speed Dial
    2. Account ID: Line 1
    3. Label: (The label for your speed dial entry, Such as First or Last name)
    4. Value: (The number for your speed dial entry, such as 8446116110)
 How To Redial or Call History
  1. Press the RD button on the phone just below the TRAN button.
  2. Use the arrows buttons left and right to toggle between the menus.