Fax Manager App


The Fax Manager application is an easy way to manage multiple fax boxes on your account. You can filter, delete, and download faxes from all of the various fax boxes on the account.

This article will show you how to do the following:

  • Manage incoming and outgoing fax boxes.
  • Send Faxes
  • Check Logs to see if faxes where received


Inbound Fax:

This section outlines important information on faxes received from a single user or the entire account.

Section Features:

  • Selecting any fax box on the account.
  • Date range filters
  • Downloading faxes
  • Fax details
  • Deleting faxes

Support Notes:

  • This section allows you to confirm if a customer is getting inbound faxes.
  • Users can log in to gain access to faxes that might have been lost. 

Outbound Fax:

This section outlines outbound faxes sent from the virtual fax service.

Section Features:

  • Displays the status if the outbound fax was Successful or Failed.
  • Filters to display a specific fax box or all fax boxes.
  • Filters the dates at which faxes were sent.
  • Ability to download a fax.
  • Ability to send a fax.

Support Notes:

  • This page will allow you to confirm if a fax failed to be sent.

Email-to-Fax Logs:

This section outlines email notifications for incoming faxes for virtual fax boxes.