How To - Report Service Interruption


This article will help you how to do the following:

  • Collect all the information needed for Audian to troubleshoot a service impacting event


Please copy the questions below and paste them into your email and send this to

  1. Please describe the issue in detail. (If any of the issue below describes what is happening, remove any that do not apply)
    1. When on a call audio is cutting in and out.
      1. Direction: Inbound (I cannot hear them), Outbound (They cannot hear me, or Both)
    2. When on a call the call drops and my phone goes to its idle screen.
    3. When I try to call the line rings busy.
  2. Who is your internet provider?:
    (Examples: Comcast, Zipply, Wave)
  3. Please provide a call example when the issue happened.
    1. Number Called:
    2. Number of Caller:
    3. Time the call was placed:
    • Specific call examples can also be reported using the Report Call function of the Call Logs.